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A brand new hydro cutter for strips or wedges

One of our experienced customers asked us to develop a new high quality and most of all compact hydro cutter. Together with the customer we have discussed what the perfect execution would be and what would be interesting improvements. The result has become a succes and we are looking forward to the next challenge.

The new hydrocutter can slice all kinds of products such as potatoes and carrots. The product is transported into a waterbunker entering a closed water circuit. The water flume conveys the product at high speed through a special developed knife block slicing the product into halves, quarters or sixes. It is even possible to slice the product into strips.

What makes the design extra special is the knife block and the footprint. The quartering block can basically cut every kind of slice (halving, quartering etc.) with minimal adaptions. That means, one block instead of four.

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