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FRS Roller Peeler

Abrasive peeling or pre-peeling of a variety of root vegetables

The roller peeler is used for abrasive peeling or pre-peeling a variety of root vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and beetroot. By use of an infeed chute the raw material is fed to the central transportation auger with carborundum coated rollers. The rollers rotates and peels vegetables while the central transportation auger leads the vegetables gentle over the length of the carborundum rollers. Spirals on the rollers ensures tumbling and prevents the product of slipping through.The speed of the auger and the rollers can be adjusted to the needs of your specific raw product.

Maintenance of the machine is an easy job due to the central greasing-system and the easy interchangeable rollers. By using high end electrical components, bearings and a fully stainless steel construction the machine is built to last. The peeler is accessible from both sides and the top for cleaning by opening the doors. Standard the machine is supplied including infeed chute, outfeed chute and control-box. Optionally a waste chute with pump can be offered to place below the machine.

Finis FRS Roller Peeler machine

Depending on required capacity available from 10 up to 14 peeling rollers or as drum roller peeler with 24 peeling rollers. Drum roller peeler designed for peeling small sized beside elongated root vegetables, ideal for small potatoes and (baby) carrots.

Finis FRS Roller Peeler machine
  • Roller peelers with capacities up to 4.000 kg/h
  • Quick change system to remove peeling rollers sideways without disconnecting drive parts
  • Robust full stainless steel construction with use of high end quality components, build to last
  • Hygienic design with drive section fully separated from peeling area
  • Stainless steel control panel for controlling speed of transport auger and peeling rollers separately to obtain full control on outfeed quality
  • Integrated water spray system above peeling
  • Central greasing system

Suitable products:

 Red beets
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