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Potato sticks


Slicing wedges, sticks, quarters, halves

The Hydrocutter is a compact slicing solution for large volumes (up to 8.000 kg / h) of sticks, wedges, halves or quarters. The Hydrocutter is mainly used for slicing French fries but is also suitable for skin-on products.

Under high water pressure potatoes are pushed through a water basin which is connected to the inlet of a pump with a large passage. The product remains intact while the alignment tube ensures that every single potato is passing through the knife block lengthwise to create long sticks.

The frame is mounted on wheels in case you need to move the Hydrocutter out of the production line.  A fixed frame is also possible when required.

Finis Hydrocutter machine

Easily exchangeable smart design knife block with knife rings to configurate halve, quarter or slice in 6 or 8 segments with the same block.

Finis Hydrocutter machine
  • Hydrocutter with capacity up to 8.000 kg/g
  • Compact and hygienic design out of stainless steel and other non-corroding food grade materials
  • Stainless steel aligner tubes with quick-release clamp system, no tools required
  • Stainless steel control box for controlling belt and pump, frequency controller for pump included
  • Open modular de-watering belt with sieve plate for collecting fines
  • Movable frame on wheels
  • Perfect lengthwise sticks due to water pressure

Suitable products:

 Red beets
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