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Onion peeler with energy saving technology

Blade Onion peeler

The BLADE ONION PEELER with energy saving technology has a low energy consumption, and does not use water or compressed air. This will keep the running costs low and will boost your profitability. Small and uncalibrated onions are efficiently peeled with the BLADE ONION PEELER. This specially developed continuous knife peeler is the perfect product for the producers of dehydrated minced, kibbled, powdered and fried onions for the IQF market.

A weighing bunker at the peeler infeed makes sure that the same amount of product is released into each peeling compartment. This ensures an optimum filling rate and a consistent peeling result. A chain conveyor transports the product over peeling discs, where each disc is individually driven by a motor. The speed of both the peeling discs and the transport conveyor is variable and the settings can be changed to the requirements of the specific product. Peeling waste is collected and transported by an integrated waste belt.

The BLADE ONION PEELER can peel all sizes and qualities of onions without the use of water or compressed air. If the end product requires little peeling, the speed of the transport chain can be changed so the onions have a shorter retention time. This results in a higher capacity. It is also possible to process onions with tough thick skin by lowering the speed of the transport chain and peeling discs, if necessary.

Are you looking for other onion peeling solutions? We offer a variety of peeling machines such as the TOPNOTCH automatic onion peeler and the TAILOR MADE onion peeling without topping or tailing.

Blade Onions

Finis Onion peeler with energy saving technology machine
  • Energy saving technology: low energy costs and does not use water or compressed air
  • Continuous peeling of small and uncalibrated onions
  • Infeed system with weighing system to guarantee consistent peeling, resulting in uniformly peeled product
  • Outfeed quality easily adjustable by changing the speed of the conveyor, the type of peeling discs and the speed of the discs with the user-friendly touchscreen panel
  • Stainless steel open hygienic design with large access doors and low maintenance costs
  • Easily replaceable peeling discs
  • Chimney to extract onion fumes
  • Infeed bunker with weighing system ensures consistently peeled end quality

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