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Onion peeling without topping and tailing

Tailor Made

A highly exclusive product that can be obtained with the Finis onion peeler is the special Tailor Made onion. The onions are notched around the root and from the root towards the tail and afterwards peeled by air. The end product is a peeled onion without cutting both ends of the onion. The shelf life can go up to 3 or 4 weeks unpacked.

Onions are fed by an automatic feeding belt and have to be positioned top-tail wise manually. By means of a chain with indexing plates the onions are transported through the machine. The onions are notched, slitted around the top and finally peeled with an air blowing system. As a result of this special way of peeling longer shelf lifes can be obtained even up to 4 weeks.

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Finis Onion peeling without topping and tailing machine

Our clients need to listen and respond to their market. For Finis it is very important to contribute to that mission. Our passion is to discuss and investigate together with our customers for new products and opportunities. The tailor made onion is one of them, developed for the retail market. In countries like Norway, Canada, Australia and the United States of America it is very difficult to transport fresh products all over the country because the shelf life is not long enough. With the tailor made onion you can extend your shelf life to 3 or 4 weeks without packing and without using any kind of chemical.  The only job for the customer is to cut off the top and tail and the job is done. Also other trends like roasted onions and onion blossom are asking for a tailor made onion. Because the base plate (rootside) is still on, you can slice the onion into quarters or more without falling a part.

Finis Onion peeling without topping and tailing machine

The tailor made product is made by a special developed station that can be added in the original TopNotch onion peeler. This means that the machine will have more then just one possibility. The first half of the day you can produce peeled onions where the top and tail is removed which can be used for slicing, dicing or other products and with one press on the touch screen panel you can switch to the Tailor made product, or even a combination of both (only removing the tail or top). A great new feature, a great new product. Check out the TopNotch onion peeler

  • Capacities from 3,000 up to 12,000 pcs/hr
  • In-feed belt with the highest filling rate
  • Coring and automatic orientation in combination with tailor made
  • Start/stop system for better product control
  • Special indexing plates for a cleaner product
  • Adjustable knives for waste reduction
  • Hygienic peeling process as a result of the use of pneumatic systems
  • High quality components for easy maintenance and low running costs
  • Integrated waste belts
  • Control box with touch screen for easy use

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