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Quartering and halving machine for potatoes

Eagles eye

The market is on the move! The growing market for ready-madeproducts leads to new chances for the potato processors. Scaling-up in combination with flexible adjustment to changing product varieties, innovations in the ready meal market, and further reduction of costs are often reasons why customers wish to adapt their processing lines. By listening very carefully to the requirements of our customers and even their customers, we are able to define their exact needs. We have raised the bar in the potato processing market with the eagles eye. The machine enables us to cut potatoes in two or four equal parts. It is the most accurate machine in the market.

Finis Quartering and halving machine for potatoes machine
Since food preparation needs to be done faster and easier, chefs,  institutions or food factories want to work with evenly-cooked products. This requires all potatoes, cut or not, to be of the same size to ensure that they are evenly cooked after the same cooking time. Finis has solved this problem! Good, better, best: with the eagles eye, Finis has introduced a revolutionary new way for cutting potatoes. Potatoes are individually positioned on a belt and a vision system is used to detect and analyse the potatoes. Intelligent software determines whether the potato has the shape and dimensions required for processing. The position and orientation of the cut are calculated (halving/quartering). A pneumatic system positions the knives, which in the next step cut the potato. Potatoes that did not meet the required specifications are sorted out. This high volume cutting machine cuts up to 40,000 potatoes per hour with maximum flexibility and unbelievable accuracy. Other ways of cutting, such as cutting in specific shapes, are also possible besides halving and quartering.


  • High capacity up to 40,000 pcs/hr
  • Even cooking time potatoes
  • Potatoes are cut in exactly equal parts
  • Different ways of cutting possible

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