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Rounded potatoes

Profiling potatoes


The Profiler makes perfectly rounded potatoes. The machine is manufactured with special carborundum and aluminum rollers, providing the perfect combination of fast peeling and a polished end result. When a higher yield is required and the shape is less important, it is possible to peel rounded cubes, also called ‘baby potatoes’.

Profiling potatoes
Finis Profiling potatoes machine
  • Combination of carborundum peeling and aluminium profiling rollers
  • Open hygienic design with top cover that can be hinged open to access profiling sets for cleaning
  • Shaker behind the outfeed belt to separate profiled product and waste
  • Integrated waste belt
  • Available with 4 or 5 profiling sets
  • Evenly distributed product thanks to the dividers on the infeed
  • No water is used, which reduces the production costs.

Suitable products:

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