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Rocky 2

Audio destoner

As one of world’s most experienced producers of potato processing equipment, Finis is continuously producing and developing technically perfect, environmentally-friendly, product-friendly and cost-saving potato processing systems.

These systems can peel, cut and/or profile potatoes and consist of several machines with their own specific function. This enables us to meet your demands regarding capacity and end-product. In order to stand out in the market you need perfect quality and a competitive price. The Detection System developed by Finis can support and protect your processing applications from any objects.

Finis Rocky 2 machine

The system prevents objects, such as glass, stone and plastics etc., from entering your process line and, ultimately, your end-product. As an addition to your existing stone removers, you can rest assured that less damage is done to your knife peelers and cutting systems. When used in addition to the metal detector, it serves as a checking system for the end-product.

The design makes it simple to install into your existing process line.
The unit can be supplied as a stand-alone machine. However, it can also be mounted onto the in-feed of existing equipment.
We would be happy to supply you with a layout drawing, if needed.

  • Easy to operate
  • Universal installation due to innovative design
  • Maintenance-free
  • Fast payback on investment
  • It functions as a double checking system for a more accurate separation
  • Safe and secure

Suitable products:

 Red beets
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