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Weighing vegetables machine

Automatic Weigher

The automatic weigher weighs freshly peeled and sliced vegetables and is designed for weighing large quantities from 2.5 kg to 25 kg. Recipes with a pre-set weight can be found in the user-friendly HMI with a touchscreen, which makes it possible to quickly and easily switch between products. It is also possible to create your own recipes. The product is evenly distributed and transported by the vibration unit to the weighing unit. When the determined pre-set weight is almost reached, the dosing valves are closed one by one. This results in a very accurate weight. The batches are released with a foot pedal and used to fill crates or bags. For filling bins, the weigher is used in a continuous process.

The weigher is suitable for weighing large quantities of: Freshly peeled vegetables – Sliced vegetables – Leafy vegetables

Automatic Weigher
Finis Weighing vegetables machine machine
  • Accurate weighing of whole and sliced vegetables in large quantities from 2.5 kg to 25 kg
  • Vibration shaker unit transports and spreads product evenly
  • Vegetables move smoothly over the vibration shaker unit thanks to the rigidised non-stick material
  • Weighing head separate from vibration shaker unit
  • Product released with foot pedal or automatic mode for bin filling
  • Hygienic design with integrated cables and hoses
  • User friendly HMI touchscreen
  • Outfeed chute with adjustable height support for crates or bags
  • Three pneumatically controlled dosing valves for accurate fi lling and dosing of weighing head

Suitable products:

 Red beets
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