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Finis is an acclaimed worldwide leader in providing complete end to end processing projects. Finis has formed partnerships with other world renowned manufacturers to enable the company to offer turn key projects. Each supplier has been carefully selected on their knowledge, experience, quality and reputation.

Finis is a key player in providing complete projects. With the help of computer-aided design, we are able to design complete projects attuned to your specific needs easily and quickly. The capacity ranges from a few hundred kilogrammes to more than hundred tons per day. Naturally, Finis takes care of the entire planning, execution, installation and commissioning and this includes the training of your staff.

Peeling root products
Peeling bulbous and exclusive products with one flexible system
Onions for the fresh market
Complete project for peeling, slicing and packing fresh onions

Norway choses flexibility

Two major norwegian companies have chosen for the new Blade 2.1 as their new peeling solution.

One of them is a swedes growers an besides grower also processor of products for the foodservice market. As swedes are very heavy and quite large they started searching for a system that is manufactured strong enough to handle the capacity. In addition to the volume and the weight they wanted to extend the shelf life. With the new Blade 2.1 abrasive peeling and knife peeling is combined in one machine; Abrasive for the pre peeling and knife peeling to achieve an extended shelf life.

The advantages of the Blade 2.1 HD are substantial:

  • Better peeling efficiency
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Easier to clean
  • Increased shelf life
  • Happy customers

Knife peeled celeriac


Major salad processor

The food processing market is subject to fashion and trends. Today it's sushi tomorrow people prefer beetroot salads. One of the current major trends are organic veggies and fruits as well as the so called exclusive "forgotten" vegetables like

  • Turnips (exclusive)
  • Parsnips (exclusive)
  • Red beets (bio)
  • Carrots (bio)
  • Oranges (fruit)
  • and more..

One of Europe's major salad processors asked us to find a solution to peel all off these kind of products with only one system. Key items were an increased shelf life and a very flexible system. Again the Blade 2.1 has proven to be that solution. Due to its design and easy interchangeable system improved efficiency, a high degree of flexibility and a fantastic end product are guaranteed.


The system

The Blade 2.1 Continuous Peeler is suitable for peeling carrots, beets, swedes, celeriac, sweet potatoes and other root crops. The continuous knife and/or abrasive peeling machine for potatoes and other root vegetables can be integrated in a complete destoning, peeling, cutting and dipping line. The capacity ranges from 300-6,000kg/hr, depending on the type of raw material and the size of the machine.

The machine features up to 36 rotating discs that peel carefully to ensure minimal cell structure damage, to produce an end product with a longer shelf-life. The peeling discs are individually driven by stainless steel, bearing-free motors which feature frequency controllers. Peeling time is adjustable by changing the speed of the transport system in combination with the disc type and speed giving ultimate controllability.




Smit project

Smit, a major player on the European onion peeling market delivers the fresh market with high quality whole onions, diced and sliced in small packages starting from 25 gram through to high capacity boxes. They supply in clean boxes or in bags, with or without vacuum. Smits have an gained a great deal of  experience during the years and apart from Holland they export throughout the whole of Europe.

In their old facility it became more and more difficult to expand but even more importantly, to supply the quality they were aiming for. So, they decided to invest in a building close by and rebuild it from the ground upwards and designed it around logic and good process flow.  To maximise efficiency they filled it with state of the art equipment to keep labour to a minimum, ensuring good hygiene and safe working practices. Ultimately to future-proof the business.

The company always invests a lot in the different certifications to ensure they present the best quality to their customers and the new facility had to ultimately insure it was future proofing the business.


It was an honour that we were allowed to assist the family during all discussion between father Jan and both his sons Emiel and Remon. Should they revise the existing machines, or partly overhaul or buy completely new. The last they did.  We worked together to have a superb factory where they can produce in the most efficient way. They are ready for any new product in the market now. The company can produce in a clean safe way and supply many happy customers.

After the installation was complete we were invited with the whole team from Finis  and their families where the family Smit showed the result. Everybody was proud even more when Mr. Smit told us “if anyone wants to produce in an industrial way, produce the best end product in the most efficient way, they can only buy Finis”
All members from our team went home very proud and satisfied with the job they had done, helping to give the Smits family a facility they were so happy with.

Our way of working

Our way of working where we present a project team to the customer has proven itself again. A project manager, a salesman and sometimes members from the R&D department will search for the best result for everyone. With all the experience we have collected during the years we solve problems and fulfil all wishes from the customer. These wishes become clear during our initial discussions and evaluations we have together. Then architect takes care of the building and together we find the best solution, manufacture, install, commission and train the staff on the equipment.  We can also assist with all the information needed for cabling, water and air connections.

It was a fantastic experience with a good result and a super cooperation with the family.

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