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Roast potatoes for the Christmas days..

Christmas is just a few clicks away. All the star chef’s, supermarkets and families already share ideas about the Christmas menu. Jamie Oliver already launched his recipe on the perfect roast potato as a fantastic side dish. Cause let’s be honest, every Christmas dinner table needs some delicious potatoes and for the southern hemisphere? We do not want to miss those fantastic spuds on the barbeque…

For us it’s a challenge to find that one need in the vegetable processing industry. The further we all go to develop new products for the community the more difficult it gets especially when you need to keep in mind that the efficiency has to be supreme.

As the request for quartered potatoes increases, we got a request from a major international processor to develop a system to quarter potatoes in 4 perfect equal pieces. The 3 key items, capacity, efficiency and quality needed to fit the demands of today’s processors. Together we have not only succeeded to this demand, we also simplified the complete idea of processing quartered or halved potatoes.


“We like to innovate, especially when we can do this together with the processor. We like to believe that we have a lot of experience but we know that our clients have way more experience when you talk about processing” according to Patrick ten Haaf, project manager at Finis Foodprocessing Equipment BV.

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